What can we offer to our clients?

Our offer is addressed to recipients who want to create cosmetics in cooperation with a professional and an experienced production company. Regardless of whether the product is still in the concept phase or is already a permanent position in the offer, we will manage each stage of its production, ensuring the highest quality and attractive price of the product.

We have a modern machine park that allows for stable and continuous production of the highest quality cosmetic products. We are ready to manufacture thanks to numerous confectioning machines

We put the mass supplied by the Customer in all kinds of unit packaging (from classic jars and bottles to heat sealable tubes).We help our clients with the creation and selection of packaging. We work with design offices, printing houses, companies supplying all types of individual and collective packaging.

Our service of producing products under our own brand gives you unlimited possibilities

  • making various types of promotional products,
  • gift sets,
  • luxury series,
  • creating your own cosmetic without having to have the necessary technological facilities.

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